DEAL CLOSED! Minelab Sovereign Coils and Lower Shaft – Trenton195.00 USD

Coils Location: United StatesMichiganTrenton Published: September 6, 2017 Modified: September 6, 2017

I sold my Sovereign and have these coils that were purchased "brand new" and are still in excellent, almost new condition plus an extra lower, Sovereign compatible, Minelab shaft with rubber coil spacers. Here's all what's being offered:

(1) 12" x 15" Detech SEF Coil w/nylon mounting wingnut and bolt.

(1) 4.5" x 7" Detech Coil w/nylon mounting wingnut and bolt.

(This 4.5 x 7" DD coil is a true to it's physical size, has very good coverage and depth detection.This coil can be worked in and around, under and in between many obstacles. It can be used for general hunting if you don't want to use the 5 or 8". Find coins, jewelry, relics, rings, etc. 4.5 x 7" size gives you the width of a 5" coil, length of an 8" coil plus added depth.It's like using two coils at the same time)

(1) Used Minelab Sovereign compatible lower shaft with rubber spacers.

These coils are waterproof... prefer selling as a package. CONUS only. This setup allows hunting open, less trashy areas/beaches or trash infested areas.