DEAL CLOSED! Minelab Shafts for E-Trac - Explorer - Safari. – Newman Lake50.00 USD

Metal Detectors Location: United StatesWashingtonNewman Lake Published: January 2, 2018 Modified: January 2, 2018

Minelab Upper and Lower Shafts for E-Trac, Explorer and Safari..
All shafts are close to new condition and were only used a couple times..
Lower Shafts come WITH Hardware..

Having Coils mounted on their own COMPLETE Upper and Lower Shaft makes coil changes
effortless and extremely fast.. You will wonder why you waited so long to be set up like this.
Worth every penny even at Minelabs full price is m opinion..
Save a bundle buying these nearly new Shafts..

Lower Shafts with Hardware are $50.00 each Shipped Free..

Upper Shafts are $40.00 each Shipped Free..

$5.00 Discount if you buy 1 upper AND 1 lower shaft
$85.00 for both Shipped Free..

$25.00 Discount if you buy all 5 Shafts..
3 lower and 2 Upper Shafts with Hardware
$205.00 Shipped Free!

USA Only.
USPS Priority Shipping.
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