SELL White's 5900 Di/Pro SL – Remington280.00 USD

Metal Detectors Location: United StatesVirginiaRemington Published: October 4, 2017

This is a used metal detector. Before I bought it, I did my research on detectors and this was a top of the line machine and it has served me well. I have dug everything from civil war relics to coins to jewelry and other things and some junk as well! I stopped using it a couple of years and it has been setting idle and thought that someone else could get some use out of it. I have taken real good care of it. Other than normal wear from use, it is in very good shape and you can see it in the pictures. Everything works perfectly and come with a Deep Scan 950 coil. There is no battery corrosion inside the battery housing on the contacts and none on the battery holder. Never left batteries in it when it wasn't in use for long periods of time. As you can see in the pictures, all of the lettering on the top at the controls and on the bottom are in excellent condition. As it has done for me, it will give you years of pleasure in hunting. Also, I have a brand new pin pointer detector that I will include. It is a Bounty Hunter and retails for about $50.00. It was given to me recently, I have never used it and it is still in the plastic.
Shipping $20.00