WANTED Minlab Eureka 10x5 elliptical gold search coil

80.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - September 1, 2017

I want a coil for my Minlab Eureka gold detector .I prefer the 10x5 blue elliptical gold search coil.Or any other coil that works with the Minlab Eureka gold detector.Let me know what you have.Willing to pay around $60. to $80. shipped.

Minlab GPX  ,GP series, SD , 11 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Minlab GPX ,GP series, SD , 11" round DD coil

80.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - August 31, 2017

This is a used coil and has a coil cover with it.This coil works on Minlab GP series detectors GPX,SDFree shipping.paypal

Garrett ATX Deepseeker 15 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Garrett ATX Deepseeker 15"x 20"Deep Mono Search Coil

375.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - July 25, 2017

This is a new never used 15 " x 20" Deep seeker coil and coil cover for the Garrett ATX metal detector.A must have coil for those large deep gold nuggets.I use paypal.i will ship it free.

Garrett Infinium Ls Power 10'x14' DD search coil~water proof DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Garrett Infinium Ls Power 10'x14' DD search coil~water proof

110.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - July 20, 2017

Selling my Garrett Infinium search coil and cover .Never got to use it. NewI paid $152.95 for the 10"x 14" DD coil &$16.95 + shipping on the coil cover.I will let it go for $140.00 wit free shipping to lower 48 only.Paypal

Garrett Infinium 10 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Garrett Infinium 10" x !4" coil and coil cover new .

140.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - July 18, 2017

I have a new Garrett Infinium 10" x 14" DD search coil ~ water proof and a new coil cover.This can also be used with the Garrett ATX for beach and under water detecting.A new coil !0" x !$" DD cost $152.95 and coil cover is $16.95 that's $168.90 .I'masking !40.00 with Free shipping to lower 48 only...

Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector

350.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - July 14, 2017

Brand new Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector.Comes with Coil Cover ,Elbo Cover and Rain cover.I Tried it out for 20 minuets and this is not for me .It will be double boxed and free shipping.I take paypal and if you can't pay that way let me know.Shipped in us only.$350.00 free shipping.Brand new.

Deteck DD search coil 6 inches DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Deteck DD search coil 6 inches

70.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - June 27, 2017

This is a Detech 6 ' DD coil forE-Trac , Explorer or Safari.Comes with coil cover and original box.This is brand new only used about 3 hours .Paypal accepted in Lower 48 only.&0.00 plus $12.00 for shipping. I paid $120.00 for this coilship from England.The coil works as should and is great in tr...

Teknetics Patriot metal detector DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Teknetics Patriot metal detector

350.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - June 9, 2017

New on 05/11/17 I just had to give it a try.I have only used it twice with a total of 5 hours.I paid $399.00 for it and bought a coil cover for it $19.00 .I'm asking $350.00 and offering free shipping.I accept paypal or US postal money order.It works as it should. These are very good detectors and i...

Nel Attack for Minlab FBS series detectors DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Nel Attack for Minlab FBS series detectors

170.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - June 2, 2017

I bought it new on 05/07/17 and used it for a three hour hunt.The coil is brand new from a dealer.It comes in a nice box and has a new bolt and a coil cover.It will be double boxed when shipped free.This coil cost me $230.00 Selling for $170.00I used it on my minlab E-Trac.

Detech 6 inch Extreme depth & sensitivity searchcoil DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Detech 6 inch Extreme depth & sensitivity searchcoil

90.00 USD - Rochester (Minnesota) - April 5, 2017

This coil is brand new and only used a couple of hours.This coil can be used on the E-Trac,Explorer and Safari.I got it February 11,2017.It comes in the original box.Asking $90.00 plus free shipping.It works great in areas were the tones are nulling out and a lot of iron.Paypal