Teknetics T2 Classic   New Condition DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Teknetics T2 Classic New Condition

395.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - April 7, 2017

Teknetics T2 Classic. New Condition.Bought 2 months ago but never taken on a hunt. Latest Version 9.0 with Stock Coil and original box.$395.00 Shipped Free in US Only.Other new coils for the T2 also available for purchase. New Nel Tornado. $125.00New Mars 6x10 $110. (Better then Nel Sharpshooter)Te...

Minelab x terra DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Minelab x terra

100.00 USD - Vancouver (Washington) - April 7, 2017

I am selling a minelab xterra( as a parts detector, works but not good)and 3 search coils 1.m097952.m186973. I believe this last one is 10"x5" I am selling it locally only, new to this site sorry for any and all inconvenience.

Coils for minelab DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Coils for minelab

265.00 USD - Vancouver (Washington) - April 7, 2017

I am selling the following1. sunray x5 2. detech 13inch ultimate3. two lower shaftsI am selling this locally only sorry for any and all inconvenience, I am new to this site.

Tesoro Conquistador DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Tesoro Conquistador

225.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - April 1, 2017

For the Tesoro Aficionado. Tesoro Conquistador in exceptional condition!It runs as good as it looks. This detector ran so good I was going to have it modded with a ground ballence control but just never got around to it. It's the hottest 5 pin Tesoro I have owned including a couple of Troy X2s.I'm t...

Minelab CTX 3030 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Minelab CTX 3030

1550.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - March 26, 2017

Nice Minelab CTX 3030 For Sale withTransferable Warranty good to June 18th 2018.Never been in or around Salt Water. I am a turf hunter.Just back from Minelab for a checkup, seal upgrade and new faceplate. One of the buttons was getting a little finicky and now is as new. Besides the button that was...

Detech 4.5x7 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Detech 4.5x7" EXcelerator DD EQ Pro for Minelab FBS Detectors

110.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - March 24, 2017

Detech 4.5x7" Excelerator DD EQ Pro Search Coil for Minelab FBSDetectors including Etrac, Explorer, Safari, And Quatro.Very Nice, almost new condition. $110.00 With Free Priority Shipping. US Only, PayPal Prefered. Thanks for looking,Bryan

Minelab Musketeer Advantage DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Minelab Musketeer Advantage

295.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - March 17, 2017

Nice Minelab Musky Adavantage for sale as detector and one coil,or as a complete package including straight shaft parts and extra coils. Works as should except for BROKEN TABS on 12v battery pack. Very common. I use a piece of tape to keep door shut but I think you can still buy a new one for it. Mi...

Minelab 17 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Minelab 17" Smart Coil for CTX 3030

295.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - March 13, 2017

Nice 17"X13" Smart Coil for CTX 3030.Comes with Skid Cover and original box. Used for turf hunting only. Never been in the water or near salt water. I need to double check but I believe it has close to a year and a half warranty left..$295.00. Shipped Free USPS Priority Mail.US Only.PayPal Prefered....

New Nel Attack Coil for Tesoro DEAL CLOSED!

SELL New Nel Attack Coil for Tesoro

175.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - March 9, 2017

New Condition 15" DD Nel Attack Coil for Tesoro 5 Pin Epsilon series detectors includingMojave, Silver, Cortese, Deleon, Golden, Outlaw, Bandido, Conquistador and others. This is a New coil that has never been used with coil cover, bolt, and original box. 2 year warranty from Oct. 2016.$175.00 OBO w...

Teknetics 10 DEAL CLOSED!

SELL Teknetics 10"X5" DD Coil for. - T2

75.00 USD - Newman Lake (Washington) - March 2, 2017

Teknetics 10"X5" DD Elliptical Coil for T2 Detector. Like new condition with Coil Cover.$75.00 Shipped Free, US Only. PayPal preferred.Thanks for looking,Bryan